normalMy name is Shanice Gonzales, and I am the face of Sublime Photography. I started this buisness in 2014, in which I have grown to love what I do, and adore the people this job allows me to meet. I am a self taught and have a love to be behind the camera, capturing heart felt moments. My sisters play the roles of my second shooters, Santana, and Andie Gonzales. They have similar outlooks, to help best capture your most precious moments. I am mainly a natural light photographer with the exception of indoor weddings, and boudoir sessions. I am mainly a weddings a portrait photographer, but I always am up for a challenge.widgetseparator

My daughter Brylie, sparked my passion for photography. Not only am I blessed as her mother, but she has given me the desire to capture every moment, and let the memories last a life time. _SEA9049